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  • Celtic’s Irish connection: Why Scottish club are associated with the country.
  • Celtic FC: The Ireland Connection!
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Now, Celtic FC - The Ireland Connection explores the deep-rooted links between Celtic Football Club, Ireland and the 90 million supporters of Irish descent throughout the world - links which include the club's founder Brother Walfrid from Sligo; the first sod of turf on Celtic Park in from Donegal; why the Irish flag flies over the stadium; Celtic's first manager, Willie Maley from Newry; emigration from Ireland to Scotland; and, the many Irish players and staff who have played or managed at Celtic.

This is a fascinating, must-read book for supporters of Celtic Football Club in Ireland, Scotland and around the world.

Review by David Potter, originallly posted on old KeepTheFaith Forum This recently published book is a book of passion, clearly written by a man who feels about his subject, namely the connection between Ireland and Celtic. It is of course a massive subject but the author in pages does his best to show us the indissoluble connection between the country he loves and the Club he loves.

The pre-history of Celtic is well handled with an account of the Famine, Brother Walfrid and sods of turf from Donegal etc.

Celtic F.C. supporters

There is also a good summary of the life of Willie Maley - an Irishman, although by no means a conventional one for his father was a British soldier and he himself was miffed at not getting to meet Princess Mary of Teck the future Queen Mary at Richmond in And there's a brief resume of the other Celtic from Belfast, although we could have done with a little more about Charlie Tully in this context. There are the lyrics of Irish songs sung by Celtic fans today - one would have wished for a few more of them sung by Celtic fans through the ages.

And there is a list of players of Irish birth or extraction who have played for the Club, including a few rare ones.

A Clondalkin team photo from The club's progress was covered extensively by the Evening Herald. The Clondalkin Celtic FC squad of Join our community for the latest news: Subscribe.

Celtic FC - the Ireland Connection

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Celtic FC - the Ireland Connection

News 35 minutes ago. By David O'Dornan A host of Northern Ireland's best-known actors have come together for a movie documenting the horrors of the Troubles which will premiere next month. May 14 AM. Acclaimed Belfast poet, novelist and translator Ciaran Carson has died at the age of It took 14 years for author James Mustich to compile a list of his top 1, books Sunday Life.