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New York: Routledge, APA: Aalberg, T.

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How media inform democracy : a comparative approach. New York: Routledge.

Chicago: Aalberg, Toril, and James Curran. H59 a Set language NL EN.

Comparative Politics I - Lecture 05 (POLS 303)

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How media inform democracy: A comparative approach

The background reading for this course is the book: D. Un livre fait office de lecture de base : D.

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Program title. Daniel Stid: You have been working to advance democracy around the world throughout your career.

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Are the problems of democracy in the US materially undermining its progress elsewhere in the world? However, we are not immune from democratic backsliding. Gridlock, partisan discord, and problematic election administration have gotten particularly worse in recent years. This calls into question whether or not democratic institutions are better for governance, and over time could affect our credibility in promoting democratic values. However, I do think that a coherent reform agenda can improve the quality and functionality of American democracy.

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There is a groundswell of public opinion showing that American voters are fed up with status quo politics.