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If you are like me and always looking for new voices in Horror, there is no way you can go wrong with this collection. A great book of stories that go from the.

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Details: ; townhousespitalfields. Details: ; akt-uk. The graphic-design. Details: ; kellenberger-white. Mon-Fri Details: ; knoll-int. Thurs-Fri , Sat. Details: ; londondesignfair. Plus, product launches look at our relationship with familiar objects. Details: ; scp. Thurs-Sun open to public on Sept. Details: ; farrow-ball. Mon-Fri , Sat , Sun Composing is an art- and that also applies to interior design. With this in mind, SieMatic cooperates with renowned international designers to develop room planning concepts for the style collection Classic These concepts make it possible to play with styles and to utilise seemingly contradictory design elements to compose a harmonious whole, to the delight of all who seek to elegantly combine the old values and the new.

Let yourself be inspired anew. Details: kingscross. Details: ; tomdixon. Details: ; matterofstuff. Details: ; twentytwentyone. Details: solastcenturyfair. Tues-Sun Tickets from. Details: ; houseofillustration. Tues-Fri , Sat Graduate design addressing the current socio-political climate.

Details: ; arts. Details: ; rca. His new HQ and flagship shop. Fri , Sat The former school, currently run as studios.

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Thurs-Fri , Sat-Sun With the usual. Details: ; thedesignjunction. Homage is paid to the prominent black creative, social activist. Details: ; Shown: bowl by Leslie Parrott. Details: ; londonpotters. Inspired by the forthcoming book of the same name. Details: ; placepress. Details: ; thedepartmentstore. Chock-a-block with things to bring cheer. Details: ; greenwichmarket. Mon, Tues, Thurs, Sat , Wed Details: ; molteni. Shown: installation by India.

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Details: ; somersethouse. Shown: ikat sash. Details: ; vitsoe. Details: ; thenewcraftsmen. Details: ; westminstercathedral. The Dutch 4. Details: ; fortnumandmason. Mon, Wed-Fri 9. Daily , 1. Thirty-one hues. Details: ; littlegreene. Use code WOI at the checkout to redeem. Combining Marxist ideals with Modernist elements, and rising above a magnificent Peter Yates mural, the result is not just a functional architectural feature, but the centrepiece of the building.

Sophie Barling traces its ups and downs. Photography: Rachael A. The winged bulls are emblems of St Luke, while the dolphins represent St James.

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Top right: looking back at what was once the bombdamaged Holford Square and a public bowling green. Opposite: the staircase rises within a circular well, with triangular half-landings between the floors. And at the core of the building, the real surprise awaits: a masterpiece of a staircase rising through each floor as if in a vortex, with all the rhythm and sculptural qualities of its Constructivist roots.

His answer was a central block of apartments in three wings radiating from the staircase drum in a Y shape. This triaxial formation ensured that no wing faced only north, and each flat benefited from maximum light. Open sides on each staircase landing brought fresh air and views of St Pancras and beyond.

Lubetkin asked his friend, the architect and painter Peter Yates, to devise a mural for the entrance hall. The winged bulls of the title are emblems of St Luke, whose church spire on Old Street is also depicted. A pool of water represents the New River Head, the site across the road where fresh water was first piped into London from Hertfordshire. Top: legend has it that Lubetkin buried the remains of a memorial to Lenin under the central concrete pillar.

Born in Tbilisi in , the son of a liberal Jewish businessman, Lubetkin attended art schools in St Petersburg and Moscow. Taught by Constructivists such as Rodchenko and Popova, he was exactly in time to witness the Russian Revolution, whose socialist ideals were to inform his work throughout his life. He set about correcting this state of affairs, founding the practice Tecton with a group of Architectural Association graduates.

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  7. One of their first commissions was the penguin pool at London Zoo, completed in With the help of the Danish engineer Ove Arup and his innovative use of reinforced concrete, Tecton created a spectacular, sculptural centrepiece of interlocking spiral ramps over the water — a piece of technical virtuosity r.

    Top: mahogany handrails follow the curves of the galleries.

    Lost your Modelling Mojo?

    Right: a bust of Ernest Bevin, the foreign secretary who gave the block its name. The original disappeared some time ago, so in its place stands this 3D-printed, bronze-coated replica. Ultimately the penguins turned their beaks up at all that concrete and have been moved elsewhere; but the pool continues to draw human admirers, an exhibit in itself.

    biristomwvingbe.tk Soon after came the Highpoint private apartment blocks in north London. It was in his collaboration with the radically leftwing Finsbury borough council, however, that Lubetkin was able to make concrete, literally, his ideas for social progress. A low-lying spacecraft of a building in Clerkenwell, it anticipated the NHS by a decade, providing free medical care for local residents — which it still does today.

    Lubetkin completed two other housing estates for the borough before Bevin Court, which was begun in Its site, Holford Square, had been home to Lenin early in the century, and in Lubetkin had designed a memorial to the Marxist leader, which was installed opposite number For more information, ring , or visit openhouselondon.