Understanding Revelation

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Ranking the Jon Holmes - October 3, Greg Burke and Lou Perez have been making comedy videos on Youtube for the best part of the last decade. They've even worked with Jon Holmes - September 23, Thus the premise "All Realities Valid", a concept I conceived in at age All is all that was and is to be. Great post and I wish it was true but I'm afraid it's not.

Nowadays, there is too much buzz words about quantum, using the "multi-universe" theory trying to explain that there is infinitive universes. For example, the article says: "At birth, this span of selves begins to divide, as alternate possibilities are indulged or rejected.

The infant turns his head not to the left or to the right, but both. One infinity of worlds becomes two; then four; then eight, and so on, exponentially. HOWEVER, these quantum phenomenons are happening in an atomic level when we try to observe it , but not in a macro level where everything is fully deterministic -- otherwise we won't have any chance of launching a rocket from Earth and making it landing on Mars. Another thing is that our conciseness would be determined at an atomic level in our brains.

But I don't think so because, in this case, when we take some pill as an anxiolytic , the effect wouldn't be determined as it is in reality. Therefore, I think these quantum-related theories about immortality and other really nice things that I would love to believe need some more fundament. Sometime I feel like we are trying to explain the world that we would love to have with things that we don't really understand.

We should try to avoid making a new nice-to-believe "religion" out of pseudo science. In any case, I really enjoyed reading the article. That's my understanding as well, but I wonder--if you imagine a scenario in which you allow for the realization of every possible combination of all the possible states, at every time assuming time exists , of all subatomic particles in a universe or multiverse , then every possible macro state would also occur.

Alternatively, if there are selection processes universal constants, etc. That would seem to put Consciousness outside the system we're referring to, which creates an infinite regression issue. Francisco - Aren't all decisions ultimately made at the quantum level i.

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Therefore the macro outcomes are consequences of that quantum information processing. Great comment, one thing left out. Universes split at Schrodinger decision points, but later rejoin. Some threads last longer than others before fusing with the main timeline. Thus the number of universes does not grow forever. Indeed, the number of fragmentary universal threads are limited to a factor of 5.

Dark matter is the gravitational effect of alternate threads of matter on us. You can change timelines in under msec. Your mind can't return to a timeline where you died, however. If you die often enough, your life will become further and further from its original vector Francisco you seem to deride these quantum phenomenons, and yet you say in conclusion You must be aware that change is a constant in this lifetime. Consciousness is not a gift, it's a loan. The only correct thing in this article is that "nothing is what it seems". If you spend your life just satisfying your ego, enjoying simple things in life, etc..

If you lived like a pig, you will die like a pig.. But no, when you die, your consciousness won't "migrate" to your other living concious self in alternate reality.

Infinity Bell

The Force we are all made of, and that we all come from, "makes living" out of our consciousness ie. It is food to that Force. Every night you go to sleep, you actually die, but you wake up in the morning because your body is still alive. So when you die, it's pretty much the same, except for the awakening part : but you get the picture The crucial question here is, who am "I" in an "almost indefinite" number of universes separated by wave function reductions: If, for instance, in several other universes "I" had been raised by other parents because my biological parents died in an accident shortly after my birth, if almost the entirety of people I met and I learnt from were different, if I would have had mastered several personal problems I'm fighting with in this universe, but wouldn't have overcome others, which my actual "I" did solve, then my conscience in other universes would be extremely different from my actual one - I would be a completely other person.

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This goes down to the inherence of other genes because "crossing over" of the chromosoms of my parents on pocreation brings different results in different universes. Thus, what resembles "me" in other universes are in fact complete strangers. There's no way to merge consciences when they are not mergeable within this universe between, let's say, homocygote twins.

BTW: The image of conciousness as an unchangeable, personalized essence, such as the christian "soul", is almost surely false.

Matter and energy, the other preserved entities, are not at all individual, can change, merge and divide in a lot of ways well described by Feynman diagrams.