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If you are like me and always looking for new voices in Horror, there is no way you can go wrong with this collection. A great book of stories that go from the.

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Uh-oh, it looks like your Internet Explorer is out of date. For a better shopping experience, please upgrade now. Javascript is not enabled in your browser. Enabling JavaScript in your browser will allow you to experience all the features of our site. Learn how to enable JavaScript on your browser. This book - the third in a series - discusses the challenges first responders face while trying to develop and maintain situational awareness while making decisions in high-risk, high consequence, time compressed, rapidly changing environments, including: Training Radio Discipline Complacency Communications Expectations Imagination Locus of Control Maydays Working Command Dispatchers Mindfulness Technology Administrative Chiefs Aggressiveness Simulations And more Gasaway, PhD, served more than 30 years as a firefighter, EMT-paramedic, lieutenant, captain, training officer, assistant chief and fire chief.

Gasaway is widely considered to be one of the nation's foremost authorities on first responder decision making and situational awareness under stress. His programs on situational awareness and decision making have been presented to more than 47, first responders and business professionals worldwide.

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What Can We Do To Improve Our Situational Awareness?

USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Flawed situational awareness is a leading contributing factor to first responder near-miss and casualty events.

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Yet, sadly, most first responders know very little about situational awareness - what it is, how to develop it, what erodes it and how to regain it once it has been eroded. Product Details About the Author. You can see a great example of their video platform on our home page.

We chose Rapt to help tell our story of how we make on-call suck less because we wanted to show how awful it was before our product came along. I asked Jonathan Woodward, the VP of Engineering at Rapt, to talk a bit about how his team uses VictorOps and what part situational awareness plays in that. I have confidence that nothing is going to slip through the cracks.

First Responders

Even if I miss a push notification, my phone will ring…and I appreciate that added security measure. I become better at my job by having the ability to see how an alert affects us. The ease and simplicity of managing the tool.

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This is going to be huge when we start to bring new devs into the process. The scheduled overrides feature is spot on in that it makes it very easy to cover if someone is going on vacation. VictorOps provides me the ability to piece together a series of events and gives clues about where to go to find the answer.

In the meantime, check out some of our product integrations or find additional information related to DevOps, incident management and on-call responsibilities on our resources page or blog. Email Address. Ready To Try VictorOps?

Coffee Talk with Carl Potter from The Safety Institute (SAM 285)

Get Started Request A Demo. Why Situational Awareness Matters. Email Address Error.

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