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The Texas Red Dirt Choir is asking anyone moved by the song to chip in with a financial contribution to the recovery efforts. One hundred percent of the proceeds from downloads and donations stemming from "Faith in the Water" will go directly to the Rebuild Texas Fund.

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  • Vibrationally excited water emission at 658 GHz from evolved stars?
  • Vibrationally excited water emission at GHz from evolved stars | Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A).
  • Vibrationally excited water emission at GHz from evolved stars | Astronomy & Astrophysics (A&A);

Share on Twitter Share on Facebook. Jonathon Banks. Technical Support Advisor, Northumbrian Water.

Water Vapor Hints at Planets Forming Around Nearby Stars | Space

Jonathon began his career as a plumbing and heating engineer in Yorkshire. Since then he has completed a Diploma in Water Engineering which, combined with a diverse practical background, has helped him work his way through different roles in wastewater, sewer flooding and pollutions. Jonathon has an enthusiasm and drive for professional development. I have developed a keen interest for environmental sustainability.

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My enthusiasm in this area comes through witnessing first-hand the impact operational failures can have on the environment if they are not suitably managed. The water industry faces a huge challenge on managing an ever-aging asset base, whilst the issues posed by climate change and the expected growth in population are compounding these challenges. I believe that these future challenges are only beginning to come apparent and that we, in our industry, are hopefully best-placed to support research and innovation to put water resource and waste management on the right track.

It is vital that the industry works collaboratively together to tackle this. We all have a responsibility to take care of our environment.

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The riskiest thing we can do is just maintain the status quo. Time to raise our game!


Georgia Brown. Georgia joined the water industry at eighteen upon completion of her A-Levels.

Joining the operational apprenticeship scheme at Severn Trent in , she trained to operate a major surface water treatment works in the Severn Trent region, also training as a water treatment process advisor. Georgia now works as a process commissioning technician, commissioning and optimising new treatment processes at wastewater treatment works in order to meet tighter final effluent permits. Georgia has had the opportunity to work with new innovations and treatment processes to Severn Trent, as well as having many opportunities to represent the company and apprenticeships at competitions and events.

Networking is key for development within the water industry, working with other companies and universities will bring in new ideas, innovations and treatment processes to optimise how we operate using the best technology possible. I will have many opportunities to do this during the Rising Stars program and hope both Severn Trent and the other water companies will benefit. I hope to continue my learning and development within the industry and will also be going on to study an MSc in Water and Wastewater Engineering at Cranfield University in October I think it is important that we continue to take on apprentices and graduates to provide tailor made training to the sector and to allow for collaborative working both within the company and across the different companies.

In my time as a Rising Star I will continue to represent apprenticeships and will hopefully inspire others to follow my path. Thomas Kelly. Having undertaken a number of technical, water quality and leadership roles, Thomas now manages a team of engineers operating a group of water treatment works across Northern Ireland. He is looking forward to learning from the experience of senior industry professionals through the Rising Star programme.

Change has been an ever-present in my career to date. In an environment of change, I have learned how important it is to be resilient, in every sense of the word. My message to colleagues in the Water Industry is to grasp opportunities to develop, much like the ones offered by the Institute of Water, so that when change occurs we are all better positioned to adapt. I would encourage businesses within the Industry to be responsive to the rapidly developing technology that could evolve the way we provide services to customers, and this includes welcoming new people with new skills to the water workforce.

We may not know exactly what the future of our industry will look like, but we can collectively work towards developing ourselves, our colleagues and our businesses so that we are best prepared to respond. Brandon Morris. Received: 1 August Accepted: 18 October Our main goals are to better characterize the nature of the GHz emission, compare the velocity extent of the GHz emission with SiO maser emission to help locate the water layers and, more generally, investigate the physical conditions prevailing in the excited water layers of evolved stars.

Another goal is to identify new GHz emission sources and contribute in showing that this emission is widespread in evolved stars. We have compared the ratio of these two lines to the same ratio derived from HIFI earlier observations to check for potential time variability in the GHz line. Eleven stars have been extracted from our catalog of known or potential GHz evolved stars.

George Strait - Stars on the Water (Live From The Astrodome)

We have shown that the GHz line is masing and we found that the GHz velocity extent tends to be correlated with that of the SiO maser suggesting that both emission lines are excited in circumstellar layers close to the central star. Broad and stable line profiles are observed at GHz.

This could indicate maser saturation although we have tentatively provided first information on time variability at GHz.

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Data correspond to usage on the plateform after The current usage metrics is available hours after online publication and is updated daily on week days. Introduction 2.